Heather Hudson – Producer, Director, Camera

Photo credit: Jeannette Prince

Heather Hudson vividly recalls the summer day in 1978 when she sat on the beach and watched as her high school boyfriend glided across the waves at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, California. At that moment, she asked herself one question that would change her life forever: “What the heck am I doing sitting on the beach? I can do that!”

Currently, Heather is a film producer living in Santa Barbara, California. The one constant in Heather’s life is her absolute love for surfing and the ocean. She begins most of her days with a surf session at a world-class surf break in south Santa Barbara County, where she is known for her graceful longboard style.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from UCLA in 1984, Heather worked in advertising until she became a full-time mother in 1991. In 2007, she started her film production company, Graciegirl LLC, and created the groundbreaking 2009 documentary surf film, THE WOMEN AND THE WAVES, with friend and mentor, Peck Euwer of Swell Pictures Inc.

For years, Heather has worked with “Heal the Ocean,” a successful Santa Barbara-based non-profit citizen’s action group committed to ending ocean pollution. In 2012, she was named to the Heal the Ocean Board of Directors where she heads up fundraising and events. No matter how busy her life becomes, Heather manages to find time to get in the ocean. It is her love of the ocean and passion for surfing that motivates her to make films that show a slice of life that is relevant to the female experience in our society.

Maurice Salmin – Editor

Photo credit: Yoji Abe

A native to Los Angeles, Maurice Salmin was raised by a single mother. To make ends meet, his mother had to travel and work in the Philippines, forcing him to live back and forth with his aunt. With no more than a few possessions, he grew up banging on cereal boxes to pass the time until learning the snare drum in middle school. Maurice was drawn to the rhythm and drumbeats in music.

Maurice learned to shoot and edit on a Digital 8 Camcorder while following around mentor and band mate Johnny Yong Bosch. Fast forward to 2004, and the garage band, “Eyeshine,” was fortunate enough to travel the world allowing Maurice to drum in Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most of the United States, all the while documenting and editing band videos. In 2007 he graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a BA in Film Multimedia. Currently, Maurice works in advertisement, editing Movie/TV trailers, commercials, and sizzle.

In 2015, one lucky delayed flight at LAX on the way to Mexico, Maurice met filmmaker Heather Hudson who was in need of a pro editor to help her complete her new surf film project, THE WOMEN AND THE WAVES 2, and the rest is history!