Jeannette Prince

Born: 1954
Cardiff by the Sea, California
Atelierista ( Art Studio Teacher)

Wife, mother, grandmother, auntie
Nicknames: Mumzy, Mrs. Otter (dubbed Mrs. Otter, by my Mr. Otter because of lengthy surf sessions through the years) and Sette Jeannette.
Surfer, artist, photographer, loves to play music and sing (guitar, concertina…),
Exhibit Display Curator.

Surf Competition:

1970’s and 1980’s – Shortboard comp WSA and WISA .
1990’s – Champion Longboard Club Competitor.
1998 – Mother-Daughter win Surf Festival Biarritz, France.
2002 – 7th place-Women’s World Longboard Pro Costa Rica
Team rider for Hawaiian Pro Designs 1988-2005
Pacific Life Insurance Commercial on National TV 2007-2010.

Women’s Surf History and Art Curator:

2005 Women’s World Longboard Pro, Ocean Beach, CA.
2008 Roxy Jam Cardiff/Linda Benson
2015 Swami’s Surfing Association; Celebrating 50 Years of Fellowship Exhibit –
California Surf Museum, Oceanside, CA.

The last 50 years or so of surfing, and the friends I’ve met along the way… have been and are so priceless to me.  How truly blessed and fortunate I am.

Kristy Murphy

Born: 1977

Jupiter, Florida
Surf Coach
Kristy Murphy’s Siren Surf Adventures

She’s the daughter of a Cuban mom and Irish Dad.
Has a great sense of humor and her enthusiasm is contagious.
As high school Homecoming Queen, she thoroughly enjoyed throwing candy to all of the onlookers while she waved to them from the Parade Car.
2005 Women’s World Longboard Champion
The early part of her career as a pro surfer gave her the opportunity to travel the world, make new friends, discover some unbelievable surf spots, and get in tune with their local cultures.
Still today, her favorite surf is at her Florida hometown spot, Jupiter Inlet.
Kristy has become involved in trying to slow down the over development of her beautiful small beach home town of Jupiter, Florida.
She and some friends recently founded an organization called “Old Florida Preservation Society” and has been successful at curbing some major high density projects along our coastline.
She believes that development is not completely bad as long as it’s sustainable and fits the cultural identity of the town.
Her DJ stage name is DJ Gallina (she usually gets flown into gigs by helicopter)
Wins the prize for most positive person in the lineup!

Mary Bagalso

Born: 1973
Honolulu, Hawaii
Nurse Anesthetist

Ocean minded, free spirited, with a splash of rational thought processes!
She is an Army Reservist and her job title is 66 foxtrot (66F) which means a “nurse anesthetist.”
Both of her parents are pure Filipino and nurses!
Surfed on Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville team promoting wave pools and tequila.
Secretly wishes she was a pilot and a rock star!
Has Popeye forearms.
Plays classical music on the organ and likes going to the opera.
Has a puppy named Remington.
She has loved getting to know Heather Hudson…. she eposes what is real…

Ashley Lloyd Thompson

Born: 1980
Santa Cruz, California
Shaper, Instructor, Musician

Is a proud Mom.
She strives to create joy in balancing her life’s work.
Tries to love as much as she can.
Music is part of her.
She plays music with her husband Alex in a band called, The Shapes.
Ashley’s surfboard company is now a family business and they make surfboards with less of a footprint.
Her husband, Alex, is glassing the boards that Ashley shapes with Entropy bio-resin and it is a wonderful thing.
Her heart goes into every surfboard she creates and she signs them, “Made with Love.”
Favorite number is 4
She is grateful for Heather.

Demi Boelsterli

Born: 1990
Santa Barbara, California
Friday Night Amateurs (FNA)
Pro Surfer, Artist

Loves to paint huge canvas.
Has traveled to over ten countries.
Sings and sometimes play bass in a punk band with another female surfer Rachel Harris.
Loves to ride single fins, hulls, or anything that is going to change up her approach.
Founded a clothing company called Friday Night Amateurs (FNA) in 2012.
Is oddly obsessed with politics.

Isabelle Radis

Born: 1996
Santa Barbara, California

Studying Conservation and Resource management at UC Berkeley.
Being in the ocean is like being home.

No matter where she is, when she’s in the ocean, she’s home.