Linda Benson

Born: 1944
World Champion, Makaha, 1959
US Champion, ’59, ’60, ’61. ’64, ‘68
1st Woman to surf Waimea Bay at 15 years old
Surfing Hall of Fame 1992
Huntington Beach Walk of Fame
Annette Funicello’s surfing double in the “Beach Party” films
Deborah Walley’s surfing double for “Gidget goes Hawaiian”
Contest director for Roxy Jam Cardiff/Linda Benson Women’s World Longboard Pro
United Airlines flight attendant 1966-2003

Ashley Lloyd

Born: 1980
Loves Surfing and Music
My grandmother always said, “Kill them with kindness.”  I think that love and kindness don’t always come naturally.  That’s why they say “Practice kindness”, because the more you practice kindness, the more kind you become.
The world needs love, and I know that I feel better about my world when I give love.
My dog use to be named Amos, and Zeuf re-named him to “A Moose”.
I love surfing and music, and hope that I will always find joy in it.
Every piece of plastic ever made still exists.

Heather Tiddens

Born: 1965

Kim Mearig

Born: 1963
OP Pro Champion, ’83, ‘93
1983 Surfer Poll Winner
ASP Women’s World Champion, 1984
Mother of 2
Surf Addict

Robin Janiszeufski-Hesson Zeuf

Born: 1959
Surfer, Athlete, Nurse, Oceanaholic
Can roll her stomach like an incoming swell
Step mom to Josh, Lake, Roque, wife of Frosty
Paddled across Monterey Bay on a 12 foot paddleboard 1994, 1995
David Crosby played my guitar with me present (can’t tell that whole story!!)
2005 – Nurse of the Year
Good Karma given to me in amazing proportions:
Has the MOST amazing family and friends, EVER

Debbie Trauntvein

Born: 1954
Santa Barbara Surf Club President
Longboard Contest Competitor
Mother of 3 Sons

Aubrey Falk

Born: 1983
Free Spirit
Paints Pictures of the places she loves.
Began traveling the world solo at age of 16: Starting in Costa Rica, then on to Panama, Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Maldives, and Mexico.

Rachel Harris

Born: 1990
Soccer Player
UCSB Student

Shakira Westdorp

Born: 1984
2007 World Molokai Crossing Champion
Hopes to ride the biggest wave by a female.
Enjoys riding all different types of surf equipment.
Just can’t get enough of the ocean.